I often give my autism as an example when it comes to pragmatism over idealism. There’s been a recent push by anti-ableism activists to designate “idiot,” “stupid,” “moron,” “dumb,” etc. as ableist slurs. I haven’t gotten onboard with this, as I always felt neurotypical people used these terms in a fairly equal-opportunity manner compared to “retard/retarded” or its variants “fucktard/libtard.” The latter terms have always been offensive. Yet I’ve been in online autism groups where even other autistics were policed and criticized for not using trigger warnings or asterisks when writing “idiot.”

It’s hard enough in my day-to-day life getting neurotypicals to understand “retard” is incredibly offensive, let alone all the other terms. And I don’t think it’s helpful to constantly get on others’ cases for not being ideologically pure enough.

I feel the same about the left’s handling of racism.